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Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon is a freelance journalist specialising in celebrity news and interviews, in addition to health, fitness and parenting features. She’s spent the past 18 years writing about some of the biggest celebs in the world, both here in London and in LA, whilst also reporting on all the latest diet, health and fitness crazes to take the globe by storm.

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Sophie’s just as comfortable writing features for glossy magazines as she is producing news stories for the health pages of the national newspapers or turning out short, sharp, engaging copy for online outlets like usmagazine.com, for whom she is the London online editor.

Her work has been published across the globe in publications such as Us Weekly (USA), E! Online (USA), New Idea (Australia), Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Sun, Mirror, Grazia, Heat, Women’s Health, Top Sante, Practical Parenting, Now and Closer.



So if you want to laugh at the latest celebrity meme, discover which foods you should be feeding your kids to make sure they stay healthy as adults, or find out what workout tricks your favourite celebs are employing to ensure they’re Oscar-ready, you’re in the right place!

Check out the Showbiz and Health and Lifestyle pages to read some of Sophie’s most recent work.

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